The Humanitas Forum


Christianity and Culture







Winter 2010


Bearing Witness:  Disturbing the Peace of the Secular City


Dr. J. Budziszewski


February 19-20, 2010





Spring 2009


C. S. Lewis’s

The Great Divorce


A one-man play adapted and performed by

Anthony Lawton


February 5 & 6, 2009





Fall 2008


C. S. Lewis on Love, Desire, and the Demonic


Dr. Ralph C. Wood


October 24-25, 2008





Spring 2008


More than a Personal Savior:

 Following the Great Commissioner Monday through Saturday


Ken Myers

Dr. Jeremy Beer


April 11-12, 2008





Fall 2007


Listening to Biotechnology:  What It Tells Us about Our Souls


Peter Augustine Lawler, PhD


October 5-6, 2007





Fall 2005


Faithful Stewards or Terrestrial Gods?  Christianity and the Chief End of Science


Word Made Flesh, Flesh Made Whole: The Embodied Character of Salvation and the Basis of Bioethics


Ken Myers


September 30, 2005