Mission Statement





To provide bioethics education for the church and parachurch organizations, as well as for the broader general public.



To provide education on the cultural dynamics of a post-Christian culture and raise the broader and more strategic question of discipleship in the contemporary context (what does it mean to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture?).




The mission will be accomplished by

(1) providing education and resources in the form of teaching/lectures, seminars, conferences, videos, books, booklets, newspaper columns, magazine and journal articles, book reviews, a web site, an electronic newsletter, etc.;

(2) collaborating with other organizations working in the arena of bioethics education and related areas;

(3) encouraging and assisting other individuals and organizations that have the same or related missions.



For more information, contact:


Michael Poore

Executive Director

The Humanitas Project:

    A Center for Bioethics Education

P.O. Box 2282

Cookeville, TN 38502