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September 30, 2008    Old People with Dementia Have a Duty to Die and Should Be Pushed Towards Death, Says Baroness Warnock • Who Controls Your DNA? Biobanking, Privacy, and Consent • Paying Workers to Go Abroad for Health Care • Gene Therapy Restores Sight • Gandhi Pills? Psychiatrist Argues for Moral Performance Enhancers • Initiative 1000 Opponents Debut Actor Martin Sheen in Commercials • Life and Death • Drugmaker to Disclose Payments to Doctors • Drug Company Gets Into Stem Cell Research • Worth Considering...a quote from “The War on Virtue,” by Patrick Deneen


August 12, 2008    Couch Mouse to Mr. Mighty by Pills Alone • Could the Beijing Games be the First to Feature Genetically Modified Athletes? • Scientists: Humans and Machines Will Merge in Future • Building the Real Iron Man • A Dark Past • Where Have All the Flowers Gone? • Single, Childless and ‘Downright Terrified’ • IVF Babies at Increased Risk of Death at Birth, Study Finds • Pill-Popping Pets • Forcing Pro-life Doctors Out of Baby Business? • Assisted Suicide: Not Worth Dying For • Worth Considering...a quote from “We Shall Not Weary, We Shall Not Rest,” by Richard John Neuhaus


July 2, 2008    Spain to Grant Some Human Rights to Apes • The Fight to End Aging Gains Legitimacy, Funding • Becoming Immortal • America’s Medicated Army • Brave New Mind: Smart Drugs and the Ethics of Neuro-enhancement • Harriet Johnson, 50, Activist for Disabled, Is Dead • Unspeakable Conversations • Japan, Seeking Trim Waists, Measures Millions • Your Cervix Is Normal, Now Let’s Talk About Botox® for Those Frown Lines • Worth Considering...a quote from “Sin and Folly,” by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.


June 5, 2008    Monkeys Think, Moving Artificial Arm as Own • Effects of Nanotubes May Lead to Cancer, Study Says • Experts Question Placebo Pill for Children • The Neural Buddhists • Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died • The Stupidity of Dignity • Indignity and Bioethics • Human Dignity: Exploring and Explicating the Council’s Vision • Worth Considering...a quote from “Can We Be Good Without God?” by Glenn Tinder


May 12, 2008    Alaska Governor Sees ‘Perfection’ in Son with Down Syndrome • The Silent Scream of the Asparagus • Dignity, Not Utility, Must Govern Bioethics • A Human Person, Actually • New Sources of Sex Cells • Pursuit of Youth Isn’t Always Pretty • Gene Therapy Shows Success in Restoring Some Vision • Redefining Disease, Genes and All • Congress Passes Bill to Bar Bias Based on Genes • Worth Considering...a quote from “Uncomfortable Unbelief,” by Wilfred M. McClay


April 23, 2008    Who Are We? Coming of Age on Antidepressants • Head Games: Video Controller Taps into Brain Waves • The Government Is Trying to Wrap Its Mind Around Yours • Merck’s Publishing Ethics Are Questioned by Studies • U.S. Teams Aim to Grow Ears, Skin for War Wounded • Lawyers Fight DNA Samples Gained on Sly • The 10 Most Prophetic Sci-Fi Movies Ever • U.S. to Expand Collection Of Crime Suspects’ DNA • On the Retail Frontier, Another Shop in SoHo for the Person Who Has Everything • Worth Considering...a quote from “Self-Construction through Consumption Activities,” by David J. Burns


April 2, 2008    The Curious Lives of Surrogates • The War Against Fertility • Evidence-Based Standard of Care • Tooth Regeneration May Replace Drill-and-Fill • Who’s Your Daddy? Answer’s at the Drugstore • Ads Spur Urge for Drugs • We Have Created Human-Animal Embryos Already, Say British Team • Making Cells Like Computers • Worth Considering...a quote from “Standard Bioethics and the Baconian Project,” by Gerald P. McKenny


March 14, 2008    Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right? • Drugs, Body Modifications May Create Second Enlightenment • For the Love of the Game • Choosing a Deaf Baby Is Criminal • Darpa Pursues Neuroscience To Enhance Analyst, Soldier Performance • Patent Office Upholds Key WARF Stem Cell Patent; Appeal Is Likely • The Giving and Taking of Organs • I Was the Daughter of A Sperm Donor – Shame No-one Told Me • Ending the Life of a Newborn: The Groningen Protocol • Worth Considering...a quote from “Bioethics and the Question of Human Dignity,” by Adam Schulman


January 31, 2008    Scientists Build First Man-Made Genome; Synthetic Life Comes Next • Venter Institute Builds Longest Sequence of Synthetic DNA (that Doesn’t Work) • Mass. General Transplant Method Prevents Organ Rejection • As Abortion Rate Drops, Use of RU-486 Is on Rise • More Women Use Pill for Abortions • Nice Résumé. Have You Considered Botox? • Consumer Group Calls for Stronger Warnings on Potential Dangers of Botox • The Latest Surgery Craze: ‘Undo-Plasty’ • Eliot Stiffs Ethics in Stem-Cell Tiff • Organizing Organ Donation • Worth Considering...a quote from “In Praise of Melancholy,” by Eric G. Wilson


January 17, 2008    Adult Stem Cell Success Stories-2007 Update • Stem Cells and the President—An Inside Account • Hearts from Cadavers Beat Anew: Study • ‘Blade Runner’ Loses Beijing Hopes • Mind-Boosting Drugs in the Faculty Lounge Create Controversy • Jeepers, Rappers, Where’d You Get Those Arms and Torsos • Congress Targets Tejada • “Doc Knows Best” • Single Brain Cell’s Power Shown • Deaf Demand Right to Designer Deaf Children • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Soul of Man Under Secularism,” by Christopher Lasch


December 21, 2007    Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms • Risk Taking Is in His Genes • Reading the Mind of the Body Politic • Device Can Spot Cancer Cells in Blood: U.S. Study • Designer Baby Fear Over Heart Gene Test • Two Polar, Persuasive Stands on Reproductive Genetics • The American Heartland Grows Crops—with Human Proteins • Worth Considering...a quote from “Mastery’s Shadow,” by Wilfred M. McClay


November 30, 2007    Scientists Bypass Need for Embryo to Get Stem Cells • After Stem-Cell Breakthrough, the Work Begins • Stem-cell Therapies For Brain More Complicated Than Thought • Dolly Creator Prof Ian Wilmut Shuns Cloning • States Assess Breakthrough On Stem Cells • Cloning: A Giant Step • Drug That Lengthens Eyelashes Sets Off Flutter • 23AndMe Will Decode Your DNA for $1,000.  Welcome to the Age of Genomics • Targeted Genetics Restarts Trial after Woman’s Death • A Wiring Diagram of the Brain • Aging Boomers: Me Generation’s Health Concerns Expected to Propel Biotech • Worth Considering...a quote from “Christopher Lasch and the Limits of Hope,” by Patrick J. Deneen


November 15, 2007    Silent Minds • Awakenings • Aging with the Boomers • Cloned Monkey Stem Cells Produced • The UCC’s Ethical Suicide Parlor • The Breast Cancer Epidemic • Why a Child’s Best Friend is His Robotot • ‘Robo-Moth’ Melds Insect, Machine • Forecast: Sex and Marriage With Robots by 2050 • The Lance Armstrong Mighty Mouse • Future of Science: ‘We will have the power of the gods’ • Worth Considering...a quote from “Technologies of Humility,” by Sheila Jasanoff


October 25, 2007    An Arm and a Leg? • Want Protection From Breast Cancer? Have Some Babies • Why People Will Soon Be Marrying and Having Sex—with Robots • Erasing ‘Stigma’ of Being a Mother • Babies with Minor Disabilities Aborted • Watson Loses Cold Spring Harbor Post • The Eugenics Temptation • ‘Bionic’ Nerve to Repair Injured Limbs • ‘Morning-after’ Pill Deal Reached • $mokers Pay the Price • Company to Workers: Shape or Pay Up • Secrets of the Grave • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Alternative Tradition in American Political Thought,” by Patrick Deneen


October 12, 2007    Blood Vessels Grown From Patient’s Skin • California Stem-Cell Institute Takes Back $3 Million in Grants • Small Scanners Could Spot Hidden Heart Disease • Robots Take on Social Tasks • ConnectR Robot to Replace Your Spouse • Lecture Opens Talk on Future Technology’s Influence on Humans • Replaceable You • The Light’s On, but Is Anybody Home? • Mother Defends Hysterectomy for Disabled Daughter • Children like Grace • Arthur Miller’s Missing Act • Worth Considering...a quote from “Human Dignity and Public Bioethics,” by Gilbert Meilaender


September 21, 2007    Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors • Mom’s Genes or Dad’s? Map Can Tell. • More Children Being Treated for Bipolar Disorder • Babies on Ice?  Don’t Do It, Girls • Falling Human Fertility and the Future of the Family • Direct Brain-to-Game Interface Worries Scientists • The World’s Most Advanced Bionic Arm • Gene Therapy:  Is Death an Acceptable Risk? • New Zeal in Organ Procurement Raises Fears • Worth Considering...a quote from “A Secular Age,” by Charles Taylor


August 30, 2007    Genetic Engineers Who Don’t Just Tinker • Calgary’s Quads: Born in the U.S.A. • Depression Is ‘Over-Diagnosed’ • These Drugs Are for Colds, Not Fidgets • Baby Scans: Do We Need Them? • Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch • A Grass-Roots Effort to Grow Old at Home • U.S. Military Practices Genetic Discrimination in Denying Benefits • Vatican Talks of ‘Eugenics Culture’ after Abortion of Wrong Twin • Worth Considering...a quote from “Without God, Without Creed: The Origins of Unbelief in America,” by James Turner


August 8, 2007    Death and Dying: When Is It Time to Let Go? • Plan B Use Surges, And So Does Controversy • Some Doctors Refuse Services for Religious Reasons • Federal Judge Allows Pharmacist’s Suit • Gene Therapy Patient Dies, Trial Shut Down • 5 Operations You Don’t Want to Get – and What to Do Instead • Surgeon Charged in Death for Organs • High Demand Fuels Global Body Parts Trade • Is the Body Property? • Device Wakes Man with Severe Brain Injuries • The False Choice Between Development and Daughters • Worth Considering...a quote from “Ethics,” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer


July 23, 2007    Back from the Dead • Man with Tiny Brain Shocks Doctors • IVF Hope for Child Cancer Cases • Girl Could Give Birth to Sibling • Pediatric Ritalin May Affect Young Brains • OxyContin Maker, Execs Fined $634.5 Million • Why Can’t You Buy a Kidney to Save Your Life? • Contracepting the Environment • Expensive ‘Fertility Aid’ Fails • In Latest Robotics, New Hope for Stroke Patients • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Verbal Corrosion of Medical Morality,” by Brent Waters, D.Phil.


July 2, 2007    First Artificial Life ‘Within Months’ • Patenting Pandora’s Bug — Goodbye, Dolly...Hello, Synthia! • Scientists Find Drug to Banish Bad Memories • Jesse Ramirez Conscious, Moved To Rehab Facility • High Rate of Misdiagnosis in Patients in an Acute Vegetative State • Brain Device Moves Objects by Thought • Vaccine Shows Promise for Treating Alzheimer’s • C Is for Caution: C-sections on the Rise • Making Manimals • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Illusion of Moral Neutrality,” by J. Budziszewski


June 11, 2007    Too Much to Carry? • Baby Shopping • The Hubris of Genetic Enhancement • Former Tour Winner Admits EPO Usage • The Gifts That Keep on Giving • A Gene to Cure Blindness • Be Faithful and Multiply • Dr. Death Rides Again • Genes and Justice • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Alternative Tradition in America,” by Patrick J. Deneen


May 23, 2007    Pentagon to Merge Next-Gen Binoculars With Soldiers’ Brains • Pennsylvania Court Orders Sperm Donor to Lesbian Couple to Pay Child Support • Pope Rejects Pro-Choice Politicians • Toddler in Japanese ‘Baby Hatch’ • OxyContin Maker and Executives Plead Guilty to Misleading Public about Pain Pill’s Addiction Risks • Regenerative Medicine – The Driving Force for Dr. Anthony Atala • Black-Market Scandal Shakes India’s Ban on Organ Sales • Organs for Sale: Where in the World Can I Buy a Heart? • Nationwide Education Campaign on Roe v. Wade • Genetic Testing + Abortion = ??? • Clinic to Weed Out Embryos with a Squint • Prenatal Test Puts Down Syndrome in Hard Focus • Worth Considering...a quote from “Designing Our Descendants,” by Gilbert Meilaender


May 7, 2007    Abortion Ruling a Turning Point • A Sane Decision • Is the World Ready for Cyborg Athletes? • Manipulating Lives • To Treat the Dead • 2 Studies Link Hormone Use to Higher Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer • Pill That Eliminates the Period Gets Mixed Reviews • What Can Neuroscience Tell Us about Evil? • PTO Rejects Human Stem Cell Patents at Behest of Consumer Groups • Religious Group Attacks Religion in U.S. Healthcare • Worth Considering...a quote from “Communism Today,” by Peter Augustine Lawler


February 28, 2007    The Grassroots Abortion War • Against All Odds • Cheap, ‘Safe’ Drug Kills Most Cancers • Toothless Mice Can Eat Again • Canadian Breakthrough Offers Hope on Autism • Trials for ‘Bionic’ Eye Implants • Merck Suspends Lobbying for Vaccine • Conspiracy Abound: Vaccine Meeting and Merck Donation Coincide • Fears Over Cyprus Baby Cash Plan • Catholic Nursing Homes to Be Forced to Permit Assisted Suicide • Worth Considering...a quote from “Communism Today,” by Peter Augustine Lawler


February 14, 2007    Girl or Boy? As Fertility Technology Advances, So Does an Ethical Debate • Rent-a-Womb in India Fuels Surrogate Motherhood Debate • The White Parents, an Indian Baby and the New £3bn Fertility Tourism • Expand Prenatal Gene Tests, MDs Urge • Patenting Life • Who Owns Your Body Parts? • Study: Moral Beliefs May Sway Docs’ Care • The Brain Scan that Can Read People’s Intentions • Mentally Ill in Switzerland Could Win Right to Die • Worth Considering...a quote from “Self Against Being,” by Philippe Bénéton


January 23, 2007    The Embryo Factory • How To Change A Personality • Blinding Us with Science • Showdown Looms in Congress Over Drug Advertising on TV • FDA Warns Vegas Doc Over Stem Cell Implants • Deaf Culture and Gallaudet • Engineered Chickens Make Cancer Drugs • China Will Soon Have 30 Million More Men Than Women of Marriageable Age • China Vows to Stop Bias Toward Male Children • Worth Considering...a quote from Richard John Neuhaus on the work of sociologist Philip Rieff


January 2, 2007    ‘Designer’ Babies with Made-to-Order Defects? • Group Recommends Down Syndrome Testing • What’s Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses • FDA: Cloned Livestock Is Safe to Eat • Spaniard, 67, Becomes World’s Oldest Mum with Twins • UK Report Says Robots Will Have Rights • He Turns Patients’ Cells to Body Parts • Illegal Drug Use Among Teenagers Continues to Fall • How to Live to a Ripe Old Age Without Losing Your Marbles • Worth Considering...a quote from “A Clash Within the West?” by Nathan Gardels


December 21, 2006    The Babies Who Are Murdered to Order • Doctors Turn to Aborted Fetus to Save Boy’s Life • High-Dose Fertility Drugs Put Mothers and Babies at Risk • My Father Was an Anonymous Sperm Donor • Breast Cancer Rate Dropped with Halt in Hormone Use • The Impact of Genetic Discrimination • Should Severely Disabled Kids Be Kept Small? • Dying Fla. Man Not Entitled to Friend’s Kidney • Selling Her Body, a Few Eggs at a Time • Worth Considering...a quote from “What We Know About Embryonic Stem Cells,” by Maureen L. Condic


December 4, 2006    I’m Not a Saint, Just a Parent • Cancer Chemotherapy is Shown to Impair the Brain • New Human Gene Map Shows Unexpected Differences • Beyond the Right to Life • Researcher Charged with Conflict • Financial Ties Found Among Clinical Trials • Peering Into the Future: Genetic Testing • Worth Considering...a quote from “Living in the Shadow of Mönchberg:  Prenatal Testing and Genetic Abortion,” by Elizabeth R. Schiltz


November 17, 2006    Ahead Of Their Time • Blind Mice See Again after Cell Transplants • When Blind Faith in a Medical Fix Is Broken • Scientists Build World’s First Artificial Stomach • Gene-Therapy Optimism, Despite Tucsonan’s Death • Baby Born a Record 13 Years after Embryo Was Frozen • Obstetricians Call for Debate on Ethics of Euthanasia for Very Sick Babies • Neonatal Medicine—The Moral Maze • Results of Secret Nazi Breeding Program: Ordinary Folks • Doctors Offer Illegal Baby Sexing • First UK Embryo Test Babies Born • Worth Considering...a quote from “An Everlasting Life,” by James L. Sauer


October 31, 2006    Adult Stem Cell Success Stories—2006 • British Scientists Grow Human Liver in a Laboratory • Experimenting with Live Patients • Reproduction Revolution: Sex for Fun, IVF for Children • Older Women Make Grand Mothers, Say Researchers • ‘Personalised’ Cancer Drug Test • Why Won’t They Let Parkinson’s Sufferers Take a Life-Changing Drug? • Anti-Psychotics Little Help for Alzheimer’s Sufferers • No Nine Lives for Cat-Cloning Business • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Perils of Indifference,” by Elie Wiesel


October 12, 2006    UCSD Developing New Genome Sequencing Technology • New Breast Cancer Gene Discovered • Kissing Hospice Goodbye • Chemo Has Long-Term Impact on Brain Function, Study Finds • Agency Agrees to Review Human Stem Cell Patents • Nobel-Winning Technology Already an Industry • Nutrigenetic Testing • Doctors Allegedly Abuse Elderly Patients • Nanosolution Halts Bleeding • Worth Considering...a quote from “Gifts of the Body,” by Gilbert Meilaender


September 29, 2006    Bionic Arm Provides Hope for Amputees • A Question of Mind Over Matter • Animal Activism: Out of Control • New Stem Cell Ethics Issue Emerges • Live Long? Die Young? Answer Isn’t Just in Genes • Many U.S. Couples Seek Embryo Screening • High Infant Mortality Seen with Elective C-section • More Britons in Assisted Suicides • Organ Sales ‘Thriving’ in China • Fertility Clinic Mix-up Sparks Legal Tangle • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” by Serrin M. Foster


September 13, 2006    Seeking Healthy Children, Couples Cull Embryos • Designer Babies - What Would You Do for a ‘Healthy’ Baby? • Stolen Body Parts Implanted in NHS Patients • Pro-Euthanasia Attorney to Head ABA’s Special Bioethics Committee • Brain Images of Woman in Vegetative State Hint at Awareness • Back From the Dead • Womb Transplants Could be Two Years Away, Experts Claim • The Wide, Wild World of Genetic Testing • ‘Eugenic Abortion’ Among Ethical Issues Raised About Prenatal Gene Testing • Seeking Straight A’s, Parents Push for Pills • Worth Considering...a quote from “The First Fourteen Days of Human Life,” by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George


August 30, 2006    Petitioning for Life • Embryo-Safe Stem Cells Created • Science by Press Release • Body Parts Harvested in N.C. Are Recalled • South Dakota Becomes Abortion Focal Point • Pro-Life Spokeswoman Protests FDA Approval of “Plan B” Without Prescription • To Be a Burden Is to Be Truly Human • Hundreds Wrongly Told They are MS Sufferers  • Worth Considering...a quote from “No Other Gods,” by Robert L. Wilken


August 16, 2006    Ethical Row Over World’s First ‘Made to Order’ Embryos • Doping on Tour Down to a Science • Separated Twins’ Condition Upgraded • Costly Drugs Force Life, Death Decisions • Ultrasound Scans Can Affect Brain Development • Pass the Virtual Scalpel, Nurse • Contagious Canine Cancer Spread by Parasites • Skin Test Could Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Early • A Barbaric Kind of Beauty • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Present World Flight,” by Philip Rieff


August 1, 2006    Souls On Ice: America’s Embryo Glut and the Wasted Promise of Stem Cell Research • Science’s Stem Cell Scam • Science Gets Duped Again • Flawed Facts on Stem Cells • How Faith Saved the Atheist • Darwin’s End • Democrats Block Progress of Abortion Transport Bill • Brain-Computer Link Lets Paralyzed Patients Convert Thoughts Into Actions • The Blend of Drugs that Can ‘Stop MS in Its Tracks’ • Women Who Give Eggs to Science to Get Cut-Price IVF • Confessions of a “Genetic Outlaw” • Worth Considering...a quote from “Comments on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘The Birth-Mark,’” by William F. May


July 18, 2006    For Some, There Is No Choice • Religious Row Over Stem Cell Work • Man’s Brain Rewired Itself After Crash Severed Nerve Connections • Diabetes May be Linked to Alzheimer’s: Studies • Why Think Abortion Good for Anyone? • It’s About Love • Legalising Euthanasia ‘Hurts Disabled’ • ‘Bionic Man’ Can Control Robotic Arm with His Mind • Doctors Change Euthanasia Stance • Woman, 63, is Mother to Baby Boy • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Modern View of Liberty,” by Peter Augustine Lawler


June 30, 2006    11 Cousins have Stomachs Removed to Avoid Cancer Risk • Wired for Hope • Embryo Test ‘Offers Parents Hope’ • Cut-Off Genes • Benefits of Stem Cells to Human Patients: Adult Stem Cells v. Embryonic Stem Cells • Painful Questions of Blame • In the Dock: The Man Who Caused the Great MMR Scare • The Very Profitable Business of Creating Babies • Report: Shut Down Failing Transplant Centers • Controversial Organ Donation Method Begins in CanadaOrgans Extracted 5 Minutes after Heart Stops • Worth Considering...a quote from “Biotechnology and the Spirit of Capitalism,” by Eric Cohen


June 15, 2006    Self-Mutilation Rampant at 2 Ivy League Schools • New Drugs for Cancer Could Soon Flood Market • Use of Antipsychotics by the Young Rose Fivefold • First Beating-Heart Transplant Gives Hope for Future Patients • Contact Lens Designed to Give Athlete an Edge • Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Makes Nearly $900 Million Last Year • Harvard Announces Private Project to Make Human Stem Cells • Death by Geography • Call for No-Consent Euthanasia • Care Not Killing Responds to Professor Doyal’s Statement • Dolly Creator Calls for Embryo Cloning to Alter Disease Genes • A Dose Of Genius • Worth Considering...a quote from Enough, by Bill McKibben


June 1, 2006    The High Price of Women’s Eggs • Slightly Early Births Rise, With Health Consequences • Is There a Human Right to be Superhuman? • Pill ‘Reverses’ Vegetative State • Spotty Mice Flout Genetics Laws • Babies with Club Feet Aborted • Three-Armed Baby: How Does It Happen? • Marketing the Illness and the Cure? • Freezing Young Eggs an Option for Women • Vegan Diet Lowers Odds of Having Twins • Worth Considering...a quote from “Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective on A.A. Milne,” by Sarah E. Shea, Kevin Gordon, Ann Hawkins, Janet Kawchuk, and Donna Smith


May 18, 2006    Teen Prescription Drug Abuse ‘Entrenched’ • Human Embryos in Britain May Be Screened for Cancer Risk • Knowledge Is Power, but Can You Handle It? • Patent Offending • Cancer Dad Joins Fight Against Euthanasia Bill Saying: ‘I’m glad that I decided to live’ • Euthanasia Bill:  The Religious and the Righteous Unite in a Moral Crusade • For Two Transplant Patients, a Dire Complication: West Nile • Less Health Care Can Be Better for Elderly • State Acts to Curtail Suicides by Older Adults • Worth Considering...a quote from “Triumph or Tragedy: The Moral Meaning of Genetic Technology,” by Leon R. Kass


May 2, 2006    Experts Defining Mental Disorders Are Linked to Drug Firms • Taking the Least of You • The Body Snatchers • Woman Says She Has Feeling in New Face • A Painless Donation, an Enduring Lifeline • Scientists Solve Bone Disease Mystery • Paralysis Cure Worth Waiting For • Male Contraceptive ‘Reversible’ • Recipients: Stolen Body Parts Infected • Worth Considering...a quote from “Medicine and the Liberal Revolution,” by Oliver O’Donovan


April 17, 2006    Lab-Grown Bladders ‘A Milestone’ • Print Me A Heart and A Set of Arteries • Pregnant Robot Tests Medical Talents • The Taxpayers’ Stake in End-of-Life Decisions • UT Professor Says Death Is Imminent • Fetuses Called Impervious to Sensation of Pain • Anyone for Tennis, at the Age of 150? • Pioneering Surgery on Girl, 12, Reverses Heart Transplant • A Crystal Ball Submerged in a Test Tube • Egypt’s Illegal Organs Trade Thrives on Poverty • Worth Considering...a quote from “Pharmaceutical Marketing and the Invention of the Medical Consumer,” by Kalman Applbaum


March 29, 2006    Egg-Donor Business Booms on Campuses • Wanted: A Few Good Sperm • N. Korean Defector Says Disabled Newborns Are Killed • Court Allows ‘Choose Life’ License Plates in Tennessee • Plastic Nation? 10 Million Cosmetic Procedures in U.S. in 2005 • The Fat From These Pigs May End Up Helping Your Heart • Two More Women Die After Taking Abortion Pill • Hwang Sacked as Probe Exonerates Team Members • Anti-Psychotics for Kids Raise Concerns • More Adults Using ADHD Drugs, Fewer Young Kids • FDA Panel Mulling New Warnings on ADHD Drugs • Worth Considering...a quote from “Better Children,” by The President’s Council on Bioethics


March 16, 2006    A Wrongful Birth? • More Nips and Tucks for Men On the Job • Body Artists Customize Your Flesh • Kickbacks Eyed in Corpse Looting Probe • Researchers to Begin Brain Stem Cell Trial • A Nation of Guinea Pigs • Tracking the Times • US State Tightens Abortion Laws • Should We All Be on Statins • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Morality of Complacency,” by Chantal Delsol


March 2, 2006    Supreme Court Backs Abortion Protesters in Unanimous Ruling • Justices to Revisit Late-Term Abortion Ban • Miss. Bill to Ban Most Abortions Advances • Call to Allow Body Organ Selling • Beauty on the Black Market • As Canada’s Slow-Motion Public Health System Falters, Private Medical Care Is Surging • “That Thing in a Petri Dish” • ‘Pharmed’ Goat Drug Not Approved • Fake Findings Used to Secure $16M Grant • The Savage Solution • Worth Considering...a quote from “Technologies of Desire: Theology, Ethics, and the Enhancement of Human Traits, by Gerald P. McKenny


February 16, 2006    Sports Authorities Fear Gene Doping Not Far Off • Danger Zone • Medical Ethics Reform Urged • Children with Down Syndrome Sought for Adoption • Cancer Deaths Decline for 1st Time Since 1930 • Price of Beauty: Jail for Fake Botox Docs • Face-Transplant Recipient Makes an Appearance • U.S. Regulators Approve Insulin in Inhaled Form • Babies Born with Defects on the Rise - Report • One’s Own Stem Cells May Treat Lupus • Primary Care About to Collapse, Physicians Warn • Worth Considering...a quote from “Life Is A Miracle,” by Wendell Berry


January 24, 2006    British Scientists Are Seeking Permission to Create Hybrid Embryos by Fusing Human Cells with Rabbit Eggs. • Euthanasia: Doctors Aid 3,000 Deaths • Stem Cell effort Mired in Legal Bog, Global Scandal — With Prop. 71 Funding on Hold, California’s Lead Role in Doubt • Cloned Stem Cells Prove Identical to Fertilized Stem Cells • Scientists Discover Method to Multiply an Adult Stem Cell 30-fold • “Hwang Myth” Spurs Dubious Stem Cell Tests • Supreme Court Upholds Physician-Assisted Suicide • Medical Devices Are Hot, Which Is Why Guidant Is • CDC Report Looks at Down Syndrome Cases • Error Rate Greatest In Hospital Radiology • Worth Considering...a quote from “Cast Me Not Off in Old Age,” by Eric Cohen and Leon Kass


January 5, 2006    Katrina Investigation Focuses on More Than One Person • New Scan “May Save Babies’ Lives” • Another Cloning “Breakthrough” • Junior Researcher Says She Was Forced to Donate Eggs • South Korean Stem Cell Scandal Could Sink Deeper • Human Stem Cell Process Found • No Cause for Tamiflu Terror • Chinese Inmates’ Organs for Sale to Britons • Bone Brokers Steal, Deal Disease on Black Market • Depression Drugs Safe, Beneficial, Studies Say • Worth Considering...a quote from “Forgetting That We Are Fallen: The Slothful Self,” by Jean Bethke Elshtain


December 21, 2005    To Clone or Not to Clone • U of L Achieves ‘Amazing’ Find with Stem Cells • Embattled Cloning Researcher Admits Problems but Stands by Results • Dr. Hwang Dropped from Scientific American 50 for Faking Research • Cloning Chaos • FDA: Paxil Linked to Birth Defects • Hospitals Save Money, But Safety Is Questioned • Scientists Create Mice with Human Brain Cells • Having an Abortion Linked To Long-Term Anxiety, Stress • The Daughter Track: Caring for the Parents • Dementia: One New Case Every Seven Seconds • Swiss Hospital to Allow Suicide • Worth Considering...a quote from “Tomorrow’s Children,”  by Gina Maranto


December 7, 2005    Hello, I’m Your Sister. Our Father Is Donor 150. • China Admits Prisoner Organ Sales • Hwang’s Team Won’t Retest Its Stem Cells for Validity • New Row Breaks Out Over Face Transplant • Young, Assured and Playing Pharmacist to Friends • Umbilical Accord • Is Having a Child—Even One—Environmentally Destructive? • Gender Selection a Reality, But Is It Ethical? • Jack or Jill? The Era of Consumer-Driven Eugenics Has Begun • Worth Considering...a quote from “Designing Our Descendants,” by Gilbert Meilaender


November 18, 2005    U.S. Scientist Leaves Joint Stem Cell Project • Member of Hwang Team Involved in Ovum Scandal • ‘Stem Cell Hub’ Cloning Network Project Folding • Washington Post Abortion Doubters? • Remote Control Device ‘Controls’ Humans • Study Touts Early Down Syndrome Tests • A Hard Pill to Swallow • Warning Issued for Birth-Control Patch • Biohazards • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Moral Education of Doctors,” by Philip Overby


October 27, 2005    The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have • Catholic Church Funds Adult Stem Cell Research • Medical Hope in Umbilical Cord Blood • Studies May Calm Stem-Cell Qualms • Taking a Closer Look... • More Illnesses Reported in IVF Kids Early On • Experts See Legal Abortion Without Roe • International Stem Cell Bank Opens • Clinic Searching for Egg Donors • Call for More, Earlier Use of Herceptin • Worth Considering...a quote from Must a Patient Be a Person to Be a Patient? Or, My Uncle Charlie Is Not Much of a Person but He Is Still My Uncle Charlie,” by Stanley Hauerwas


October 6, 2005    Tense? Lonely? There’s Promise in a Pill • Scientists Aim for Lab-Grown Meat • Some Minds Appear Wired to Lie • White House Panel Warns of Aging Crisis • In Coma for 2 Years, Patient Says He Heard All • Hurricane Aftermath • Scientists Close to Safer Testing of Unborn Babies • Women Bypass Sex in Favour of ‘Instant Pregnancies’ • Worth Considering...a quote from “Faithful Stewards or Terrestrial Gods?  Christianity and the Chief End of Science,” a lecture by Ken Myers


September 15, 2005    Patients Put Down • Scandal of Newborn Babies Stolen from Their Mothers • Bioethics Council Head to Step Down • Rate of Premature Birth Hits New High in U.S. • The ‘Virgin Conception’ of First Human Embryo in UK • Concern Over Three-Parent Embryo • Zoos Prescribe Drugs to Anxious Animals • Lawsuits, Charges Sure to Follow Katrina • Worth Considering...a quote from The Anti-Theology of the Body,” by David B. Hart


September 6, 2005    Scientists Challenge Fetal Pain Discussion • Stem Cell Advance Muddles Debate • Embryonic Stem Cells Found to Acquire Mutations • Japanese Doctors Claim Heart Disease Breakthrough • Stem Cell Hopes Distorted by ‘Arrogance and Spin’ • Jury: Merck Negligent • FDA Delays Decision on Morning-After Pill • Debate over Appeals for Organs Heats Up • From Foetus to Full Term—Without a Mother’s Touch • Possibility of a Continuously Functioning, Wearable or Implantable Artificial Kidney • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Culture:  ‘Upstream’ from Politics,” by William B. Wichterman


August 19, 2005    Robots Now Making Rounds in Hospitals • Doctor and Anti-Euthanasia Advocate Discuss Dutch Assisted Suicides • Abortion Pill Investigated in Four California Deaths • FDA to Decide Morning-After Pill’s Fate Soon • The ‘Morning-After Pill’, Abortion and Informed Consent • Hwang Plans World Stem Cell Hub • Fertility Watchdog Considers Cancer Gene Screening • Drug Researchers Leak Secrets to Wall St. • US Scientists Find Flexible Stem Cells in Placenta • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Caregiving Society,” by Peter Augustine Lawler


August 5, 2005    Brain-Dead Woman Dies After Giving Birth • Scientists Develop Nanotech-Laser Treatment that Kills Cancer Cells without Harming Healthy Tissue • Artificial Limbs in the High Tech Age • The Organ Factory • Moral Maturity • On Embryonic Stem Cells, Frist Backs A Loser • Cloning Plan Poses New Ethical Dilemma • In a Furry First, A Dog Is Cloned In South Korea • In Race to Stem Cell Center, New Jersey’s Efforts Stall • DNA Machine May Advance Genetic Sequencing for Patients • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Revenge of Conscience,” by J. Budziszewski


July 21, 2005    Susan Torres • Plea Deal Reached in Steroid Scandal • The Awful Truth About Drugs in Sports • You’re Not Good Enough! • Scientists Experiment With ‘Trust’ Hormone • Gov Orders Stem Cell Research • Panel: Use Caution in Stem Cell Study of Monkey Brains • Conflicts pitting doctors vs. patients—kin is Number 1 issue in medical ethics, Canadian experts say • Contentious Hearing Focuses on Stem Cells • Morning-After Pill May Be Banned From Wisconsin University Campuses • Worth Considering...a quote from “What’s Wrong with Enhancement,” by Michael J. Sandel


July 7, 2005    Stem Cell Pioneer Does a Reality Check • Stem Cell Division • New Report Reveals Rapid Growth of Stem Cell Technology Research, Despite Regulatory Barriers • Cows Milk Benefits of Stem Cells • Genetic Justice • PA Legislators Ponder Laws for Egg, Sperm Donors • The Ethics of Amputation by Choice • Test Reveals Gender Early in Pregnancy • Brain Pacemaker Lifts Depression • BMA Drops Euthanasia Opposition • Worth Considering...a quote from “Biotech and the New Babel,” an interview with Leon Kass


June 23, 2005    Frozen Embryos Focus in Stem Cell Debate • Lancet Calls For Caution In Touting Potential For Embryonic Stem Cells • Why the Media Miss the Stem-Cell Story • Ethics, Eggs and Embryos • Nanoparticles Deliver Cancer Breakthrough • Morphine Fails to Control Pain in Preterm Infants • Doctor: Schiavo Autopsy Conclusions Flawed • ‘Two Dad’ Babies on the Horizon? • Scientists Study Scientists Behaving Badly • Thousands of Guidant Heart Defibrillators Being Recalled by U.S. Regulator • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Morality of Complacency,” by Chantal Delsol


June 10, 2005    Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates to be Born? • A Cruel Choice • President Discusses Embryo Adoption and Ethical Stem Cell Research • WARNING: Side Effects can be Severe • A Mother’s Last Act Of Love To Save Her Unborn Child • IBM to Build First Computer Model of Brain • Woman Gives Birth After Ovary Transplant • A Movement to Bring Grief Back Home • A Step Closer to Personalized Medication • Worth Considering...a quote from The Abolition of Man, by C. S. Lewis


May 25, 2005    House Passes Embryonic Stem Cell Bill • Korean Scientists Clone Stem Cells • UK Scientists Clone Human Embryo • Go Forth and Replicate • New Technique Boosts IVF Success to 80 Percent • Doctors Warn Over Right-to-Life • Medicine Goes to the Mall: Enhancement Technologies and Quality of Life • This Pill Will Make You Smarter • The Fusion of Man and Machine • ‘Bionic’ Arm Operation a Success • I'm Going to Live Forever • Worth Considering...a quote from “When Science Becomes a Superstition,” by Bryan Appleyard


May 11, 2005    Creating ‘Human-Animals’ for Research • Mind-Reading Machine Knows What You See • New Test for Cancer, More Sensitive than any Existing Techniques • Jeepers Creepers, Bionic Peepers • Scientists Dramatically Slow Organ Transplant Rejection • Researchers Tested Drugs on Foster Kids • Bush’s Second Chance • ADHD Drugs Move into the Workplace • Firefighter’s Miracle Recovery Rare In Long-Term Coma Cases • The Moral Fog of Progress • Worth Considering...a quote from choruses from “The Rock,” by T. S. Eliot


April 28, 2005    Love and Alzheimer’s • What Living Wills Won’t Do • Life-or-Death Decisions • Oregon Sees Fewer Numbers of Physician-Assisted Suicides • It Didn’t Start with Dolly • Aborting the Disabled • House Approves Bill Protecting Parental Involvement on Abortion • Surrogate Mother Has Quintuplets • Alzheimer’s Gene Therapy Slows Mental Decline • Worth Considering...a quote from “I Want to Burden My Loved Ones,” by Gilbert Meilaender


April 19, 2005    Aging and Care-Giving: Lessons on Assisted Suicide from the Oregon and Netherlands Experiences • End of the Affair • When Life Is on the Line • In Vermont, a Bid to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide • Schiavo Stokes Europe Euthanasia Debate • Europeans See Issue As Strictly Medical • Schiavo Raised Profile of Disabled • Culture War Hits Local Pharmacy • Illinois Governor: No Delays in Birth Control Prescriptions • Bishop Begs Governor:  Respect Freedom of Religion • Worth Considering...a quote from “A Poem of Difficult Hope,” by Wendell Berry


March 30, 2005    How Liberalism Failed Terri Schiavo • The Politics of the Schiavo Case • The Strange Death of the Liberal West • A Regrettable Limit on Life • Bigotry and the Murder of Terri Schiavo • Ethics & Life’s Ending:  An Exchange • “Always to Care, Never to Kill” • Terri Schiavo—Enduring Questions • Worth Considering...a quote from “About Sacrifice,” by G. K. Chesterton


March 17, 2005    Study Shows Methylphenidate Linked to Chromosomal Changes • Again with Feeling, the Pills Didn’t Kill • Genetic Tests Could Prevent Drug Reactions • DNA Testing Goes DIY • General Assembly Adopts United Nations Declaration on Human Coning by Vote of 84-34-37 • Cloning Sparks Concern Over Egg Donors • An Open Letter from Suzanne Parisian, M.D. • Embryo Cells Not Like Peas in a Pod • IVF Embryos May Be Starved of a Vital Ingredient • Celling & Building a Culture of Death • Worth Considering...a quote from After Virtue, by Alasdair MacIntyre


March 3, 2005    A Cut Above • Novel Bioethics • Oregon’s Assisted-suicide Law to get High Court Airing • Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Schiavo Appeal • Replacing Humans • Doctors Urge Breast-feeding for Six Months • Vatican Decries ‘Religion of Health’ • Pet Clones Spur Call For Limits • Stealth Cloning • Worth Considering...a quote from “Hippocrates and Medicine in the Third Millennium,” by John Patrick


February 19, 2005    After 20 Years of Silence, Brain-Damaged Woman Begins Talking • Signs of Awareness Seen in Brain-Injured Patients • Hospital Plans to Remove Patient from Life Support Despite Daughter’s Wishes • Health and Happiness Aren’t Always Linked • Dolly Expert is to Clone Embryos • Judge Says Lost Embryo A Human • Eating Disorders Rising Among Older Women • Special Delivery • Stem-Cell Method May Cheat Death • Worth Considering...a quote from A Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World, by Wesley J. Smith


February 4, 2005    Marrow Has Cells Like Stem Cells, Tests Show • Leap in U.S. Infant Mortality Due to Low Birth Weight • Stem Cell Lines Compromised? • Defect Risk is 40pct Higher with IVF • Risky Sex Habits Linked to Early Death, Disability • Confessions of an Abortion Doctor • Driven by Costs, Fertility Clients Head Overseas • Brain Scans for Sale • Iowa Doctors Say No to Drug Companies • New Study Criticizes Painkiller Marketing • Worth Considering...a quote from the Preface of Human Dignity in the Biotech Century:  A Christian Vision for Public Policy, by Charles W. Colson and Nigel M. de S. Cameron, editors


January 25, 2005    Short Kids Reach New Heights with Costly Drug • Human Growth Hormone and the Measure of Man • Patients Put on Thinking Caps • Acorns and Embryos • Organ Donation Poses Painful Family Decision • Second Thoughts About Body Parts • Fertility Clinic Ethics Raises Concerns • Fatherhood by a New Formula • An Inconceivable Dilemma • Worth Considering...a quote from “Separating Sex and Reproduction: The Ambiguous Triumphs of Technology,” by Nigel Cameron


January 8, 2005    ALS Treatment Creates Crisis of Faith for Two Baptist Families • Although My Child Was Born With a Congenital Defect, I Fear for a World in Which Parents Can Choose the Perfect Baby • Sometimes, Your New Smile Will Make You Frown • A Pro-Life Mistake • Planned Parenthood Has Profitable Year • Gene Test for Child’s Sporting Chance • JHU Scientists Develop Method to Replicate Stem Cells from the Heart • Scientists ‘Map’ Key Brain Genes • FDA: Scientist Can Publish Controversial Vioxx Safety Data • At Least 530 Scientists Got Fees, Stock in Conflicts of Interest, Records Show • Are U.S. Drugs Safe? A Review of 2004's Drug Controversies • Romanian, 67, Pregnant with Twins • Worth Considering...a quote from Home-Alone America:  The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs, and other Parental Substitutes, by Mary Eberstadt


December 23, 2004    Boys Cured with Gene Therapy • Californias New Stem-Cell Initiative Is Already Raising Concerns • Of Mice, Men and In-Between • ACLJ Asks Federal Appeals Court on Behalf of Members of Congress to Uphold Constitutionality of National Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion • Amicus Brief on Behalf of the American Center for Law and Justice and Various Members of Congress, in Support of Defendant-Appellant and Urging Reversal • Behold the Worlds Smallest Baby - Larger Than Life • Pfizer to Stop Advertising Celebrex • BrainGate™ System Clinical Trial • Bioethics:  Homo Respect-us • Where are the Ethics in Brazen Bioethics? • Worth Considering...a quote from “Flesh Not Meat: Are We More Than Matter?” a talk by Kenan Malik


December 7, 2004    Netherlands Hospital Euthanizes Babies • How the Battle of Waterloo Could Help Doctors Fight Death from Multiple Organ Failure • Record Number of Cesarean Births in 2003 • In Delivery Room, Baby and Doctor at Risk • Flu Crisis Sparks Fresh Look at Vaccine Production • Contracts Keep Drug Research Out of Reach • No Child Left Unmedicated • Korean Scientists Succeed in Stem Cell Therapy • In Studies, Umbilical Cord Blood Shows Promise for Adults • Medical Journal Calls for a New Drug Watchdog • Plastic Surgery Gift Vouchers for Christmas? • Students Take ADHD Drug to Boost Scores • Worth Considering...a quote from “The Weight of Glory,” by C. S. Lewis


November 19, 2004    Behind Celebrity Endorsements • Human Rights for All • Is It Really Never Too Late to Have a New Baby? • Chips Coming to a Brain Near You • The Baby Trade • Are Abortion Pill Safety Warnings Enough? • Christian Medical Association Doctors: Politics Played a Role in RU-486 Abortion Deaths • Her Mother’s Glory • The Empty CradleFalling Birth Rates and the Human Future • Worth Considering...a quote from “Two Concepts of Secularism,” by Wilfred McClay


November 6, 2004    Better Playing Through Chemistry • Dying to Donate? • Fetal Tissue Graft Restores Lost Sight • ‘Back-Alley Abortions’ in the 21st Century • Cancer-free ‘Designer Babies’ Get Approval • Is Every Memory Worth Keeping? • Brain Chip Offers Hope for Paralyzed • All Bio Systems Are Go • Human Gene Number Slashed • Internet Kidney Op Gets Go-ahead • Scientist Build a Brain From Rat Cells • Worth Considering...a quote from The End of the Modern World:  A Search for Orientation, by Romano Guardini


October 19, 2004    Transhumanism • Group Seeks Limits on Drug-financed Doctors • Gene Test Offers Hope for Brain Cancer Patients • Cloned Kitties Star at New York Cat Show • France Green Lights Stem Cells • Harvard Has Human Cloning Plans • Free to Clone • Coroner: Removing Man’s Organs was Homicide • FDA Approves Computer Chip for Humans • Mandatory Mental Health Screening Threatens Privacy, Parental Rights • Many States Would Ban Abortion, Report Finds • Worth Considering...a quote from Robert P. George’s Personal Statement in Human Cloning and Human Dignity: An Ethical Inquiry (produced by The President’s Council on Bioethics)


October 6, 2004    Artificial Retina • China Grapples with Legacy of Its ‘Missing Girls’ • Sex Selection Goes Mainstream • Couple Allowed to Select an Embryo to Save Sibling • The Womb as Photo Studio • Bone Marrow Cells Regenerate Heart in Brazil Test • First Birth After Ovarian Tissue Transplant • Stem Cells May Open Some Eyes • How Young Is Too Young to Have a Nose Job and Breast Implants? • Acupuncture Moves Toward the Mainstream • Worth Considering...a quote from “American Bioscience Meets the American Dream, by Carl Elliott


September 18, 2004    Senseless on Stem Cells • Where Do the Extra Embryos Go? • Stem Cells Rise in Public Opinion • An outstanding overview of the stem cell controversy by the Christian Medical Association • Stem Cells and the Reagan Legacy Cell Transplants for Diabetes Show Promise Whats to Blame for the Rise in ADHD? Now They Want to Euthanize Children Bold New World for Bald Mice The Human Face of Alzheimer’s Worth Considering...a quote from The Unformed Conscience of Evangelicalism:  Recovering the Church’s Moral Vision, by J. Daryl Charles


September 4, 2004    Olympics Doping • Gene Doping • Geneticists Rewire Muscles to Create a ‘Marathon Mouse’ • First-Time Voters for Life • When One is Enough • Pro-Abortion Madness • Doctors Grow New Jaw in Man's Back • Cutting in Line for Organ Transplants • FDA Alters Tack On Children and Antidepressants • Worth Considering...a quote from the essay “Health Is Membership,” by Wendell Berry


August 21, 2004    Scientists Given Cloning Go-ahead • Germans Call for European Ban on Embryo Cloning • None Dare Call It Cloning • Gene Therapy Turns Lazy Monkeys into Workaholics • Terminal Sedation Often Used in End-of-Life Care in the Netherlands • Microscope Sees the Big Picture • NIH to Set Stiff Restrictions on Outside Consulting • Doctors Tend to Ignore Living Wills • Experiments Meld Brain, Machine • Worth Considering...a quote from the essay “Christ and Nothing,” by David B. Hart


August 8, 2004    Scientist Who Unlocked Secret of DNA Dies at 88 • Navigating a Patent Minefield • Singapore Wants You! • Maggots Make Medical Comeback • Pandora’s Baby • Big Business, Big Risks? • Patient Wins Right-to-life Ruling • Birth-defect Tests Bewilder Both Doctors, Parents-to-be • Worth Considering...a quote from The Everlasting Man, by G. K. Chesterton


July 24, 2004    Bad Seed • Barr Makes Bid on ‘Morning-After’ Pill • Macrophages, Not Stem Cells, Correct Liver Disease By Fusion • As Stem-cell Debate Heats Up, Public Still Uninformed and Undecided • ‘Designer Baby’ Decision Flawed, Say Prelates • ‘Designer baby’ Rules Are Relaxed • Gene Responsible for the Onset of Aging • U.S. Renews Fight Against Assisted-suicide Law • Suing for the Right to Live • Worth Considering...a quote from What we Can’t Not Know:  A Guide, by J. Budziszewski


July 10, 2004    The Humanoid Race • FDA Approves Leeches as Medical Devices • Panel Suggests Neck Implant for Depression • Cocktail Hour • Your Genes Can Affect Drug Activity • Human Genome on a Chip • Genetically-modified Virus Explodes Cancer Cells • Alternative Medicine Growing in Popularity • Worth Considering...a quote from Rapture:  How Biotech Became the New ReligionA Raucous Tour of Cloning, Transhumanism, and the New Era of Immortality, by Brian Alexander


June 19, 2004    The Case Against Perfection (essay) • The Case Against Perfection:  An Audio Interview with Michael Sandel and Dr. Gregory Stock, from NPR • Cows Immune to BSE Near Reality • Britain Opens Stem Cell Bank • Mind Over Video Game • 10-Ounce Baby Grows Up, Goes Home • Cell Wars • Stem Cells An Unlikely Therapy for Alzheimer's • Worth Considering...a quote from The Birthmark, by Nathaniel Hawthorne.


May 29, 2004    eBay Axes ‘Schwarzenegger’s DNA’ Listing (A used cough drop was up for sale) • Killer Convicted Thanks to Brother’s DNA • Clubbers Choose Chip Implants to Jump Queues • Using M.R.I.’s to See Politics on the Brain • When Alzheimer's Steals the Mind, How Aggressively to Treat the Body?  Cochlear Implants Best When Started Young • Googling the Genome • The Paradox of Conservative Bioethics (essay) • Love for Pregnancy Makes Jill Hawkins a Baby Factory! • Value of Living Wills Under Fire • Worth Considering...a quote from the essay “It Killed the Cat:  The Vice of Curiosity,” by Gilbert C. Meilaender.


May 6, 2004    Is Ugliness a Disease? (essay) • Is Aging a Disease?  It's Debatable • Too Posh to Push • Pinker Says It’s Nature, Not Nurture • Scientist Plan Teeth that Regrow • The Politics of Bioethics (essay) • Mouse Created Without Father • ‘Living Bandages’ Heal Burns with Patient’s Cells • Study Links Dental X-Rays During Pregnancy to Smaller Babies • DNA Computer Could Fight Cancer • Worth Considering...a quote from Who Are We?  Critical Reflections and Hopeful Possibilities, by Jean Bethke Elshtain.


April 24, 2004    The Altered Human Is Already Here (essay) • After the Double Helix:  Unraveling the Mysteries of the State of Being • The Nightmares of Choice (The Psychological Effects of Performing Abortions) • Biotech Regulation Falls Short, Report Says • With Tiny Brain Implants, Just Thinking May Make It So • Study: Test-Tube Multiple Births Declining • Bioethics Council Reaches Consensus on Assisted Reproduction • Study Advises Against Drugs for Children in Depression • Worth Considering...a quote from “Choruses from ‘The Rock,’” by T. S. Eliot.