The Humanitas Forum


Christianity and Culture



Spring 2010


Date:  February 19-20, 2010


Speaker:  Dr. J. Budziszewski, Professor of Government and Philosophy at the University of Texas


Topic:  “Bearing Witness:  Disturbing the Peace of the Secular City”



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Spring Forum 2009


C. S. Lewis’s

The Great Divorce


A one-man play adapted and performed by Anthony Lawton


February 5 & 6, 2009




Fall Forum 2008


Date:  October 24-25, 2008


Speaker:  Dr. Ralph C. Wood, University Professor of Theology and Literature, Baylor University


Topic:  “C. S. Lewis on Love, Desire, and the Demonic


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The purpose of The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture is to provide a venue for wrestling with many of the profound issues at the intersection of faith and culture as well as with deeper cultural currents that often go unnoticed—currents such as individualism, secularization, scientific reductionism, and the changing conception of human dignity. 


The mission of The Humanitas Forum is deliberately broader than that of The Humanitas Project, which focuses on bioethics education as an increasingly critical area within Christian discipleship.  In addition to bioethics, future Forums will address a broad range of topics, such as education, entertainment, technology, vocation and calling, Christian discipleship in a secular age, science and religion, and human suffering.


In sum, the mission of The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture is to address both the need for an accurate understanding of contemporary culture and the requirements for engaging the culture on the basis of historic Christian convictions. What does it mean to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture?


Additional information about The Humanitas Forum is available here.  Past Forums are archived here.


Michael Poore

Executive Director

The Humanitas Project